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Gong Cha is again excited to announce the opening of a new Boston store in February. The new store, located at 7 Beale St, Quincy, MA 02170, is set to feature the new chocolate lava series. The new store’s soft opening is set to be on the 7th to 10th of February and the grand opening will be from the 19th to 21st of February.

“We officially announce the opening of another store in Boston. We’re happy to witness the result of our hard work, dedication, and selflessness paid off in the long run.

Boston residents need more stores and we’re ready to invest into giving it to them.” According to Anchal Lamba, President Gong Cha during the official press release statement in Boston.

“Our financial investment. Our expertise investment. Everything paid off. We know that residents of Boston will be happy with this development. “

The store packs a punch in terms of designs and architecture.

The store’s aesthetic is outstandingly appealing. Equipped with modern facilities, this Boston store has a serene environment.

There’s a portably spacious joint where customers can hang around to sip their favorite bubble tea.

The interior is designed with the latest tech in mind. The several charging points ensure that the customer’s device never runs out of battery life.

These amenities are aimed at delivering a comfortable user experience.

Customers can get served their favorite bubble tea combo, including the milk tea, fresh taro series, and more.

The Gong Cha store also allows bubble tea customization according to taste, sugar, and ice content.

“Over the years, bubble tea has transcended from the local beverage for people into a trendy beverage for the entire city” he added.

Many people prefer bubble tea brewed from Gong Cha – reasons the brand continues to open more franchises.

“We are thankful for the love our customers have for our brand. We won’t stop fulfilling your bubble tea fantasies.”

Once again, the new Boston store is up and running and you can start visiting today. You deserve nothing less than a delicious tea that’s refreshed in 4 hours concurrently.

There’s also a new store opening, located at 27 st. marks place, New York. We’ll be excited to meet you there, too.” He concluded.


Gong Cha is a reputable beverage brand that serves bubble tea to its esteemed customers from all walks of life.

With headquarters located in New York, Gong Cha has added several franchises to its name in over 50 locations.

The goal of the company is to serve freshly brewed beverages including fruit toppings, and other creative combos.

Gong Cha is popular for serving healthy drinks refreshed every four hours.