In “Very Much a Woman’s Book,” Warren artistically gives a clearer view of how a woman’s thoughts work. She creatively shares the thoughts and feelings of women in a compilation of heartfelt interpretations through words and artistic illustrations. Originally, Warren wrote the anthology as a gift for a friend. However, the comments of her friend compelled her to actually publish it as a book in the hopes of giving the same empowerment to women all over the world.

Through raw emotion and linguistic savvy, Warren connects with the heart and soul of every reader. This is truly an elegant display of artistry and emotional provocation. It invokes joy, inspiration, motivation, self-love, and self-awareness. Though it is very much a woman’s book, there certainly is no reason for a man not to enjoy it. For men, the book is a roadmap to truly comprehending a woman.
The hardcover book, with Warren’s painting on the cover, is a perfect gift, and  certainly and an excellent coffee table book. It’s a quick read, but the nuggets of wisdom can live on forever. The first edition of the book became a great success with Warren selling over 20,000 copies. One of the reviews stated: “The simplicity with which Peggy expresses the complexities of our hearts is a divine gift.”
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Very Much A Woman’s Book
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Publication Date: November 2020
Genre: Poetry
Target Audience: Women
About the Author
Peggy Warren has been a writer all her life, mostly a poet and short story writer. Peggy has a deep interest in exploring the complexities of personal issues and writes about them with passion and insight. After living in the Colorado Mountains for 30 years, she was widowed and gave up her 100 year old log cabin to experience life in the city of Boulder. She has three grown children, two grandchildren.