The international virtual reality (VR) market is set to reach a staggering value of $200 billion by 2022, and one of the biggest contributing factors for this is going to be social media. With so much technological advancement expected in both these industries, it was only a matter of time that marketing experts found common ground for enhanced media experience. Corporate video agencies in Pune are already using virtual reality for social media. Its use is going to become even more popular on social media in the coming few years.

 What is Virtual Reality?

 Virtual reality is a 3D-generated interactive environment simulation that engages the senses to bring about a feeling of reality. Virtual reality is not a new technology. It was invented back in the 70s, but back then, it was too big and clunky and worst of all, expensive.

 Today, technology has caught up to make VR making it smaller, easily accessible, and most importantly, affordable. There are proper VR headsets available in the market and you can even convert your smartphone into a VR simulator and play 3D games and watch movies. VR technology is going to be an important part of human life and Millennials and Generation Z have already accepted this tech.

 VR’s Social Media Applications

 VR Walkthrough

 This has already become one of the most popular ways of marketing on social media. Mostly used by the real estate industry, VR walkthroughs take customers on a journey of home or office and even the amenities in a residential or commercial site. Investors or buyers who cannot go and see the property can experience it virtually.

 Social VR Platforms

 Picture this. You meet up with your friends. Go and watch a movie. Hangout till late and catch up on conversations. So, what’s different about this whole scenario? All your friends are in different geographical locations. Yes, this all can be done through social VR platforms where avatars of you and your friends will interact. This is a whole new level of social media where brands will be able to advertise and market their products and services in the virtual world of the platform.

 Virtual Product Trials

 Brands can now offer their customers a way of virtually trying out their products. Currently, this is being done through augmented reality (AR), but soon there will be a shift to VR as customers will be able to get a more realistic picture of the products and how good it will look on them. The virtual space will also be useful in demonstrating products or providing training on their use. Businesses are already hiring corporate video companies in Pune to start making VR-enabled videos. 

 VR Workspace

 So, rather than make your run-of-the-mill corporate video, businesses can invest in making full-blown VR workspace videos that can be used for branding on social media. People can just log in and see how the workspace and employees are in a business.

VR has so many social media applications that will become more popular on social media in the coming days.