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A good paving contractor in Florida will understand the right layouts for a replacement or an existing lot so on facilitate proper traffic flow, provide a secure environment, and to suits particular State statutes and guidelines like the ADAAG, the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines.

Parking lots have many signs that provide drivers information about not only the “rules of the road” but give direction to drivers regarding specific Florida parking zone regulations. a number of these road markings or parking zone signage includes the following:

No Parking Areas- Any paved area that’s not a delegated parking lot or thorough-fair are often marked off with a mixture of road signs and surface road markings. For a no parking lot , diagonal, yellow cross lines are often applied equidistant from one another over the parking lot to designate to drivers that parking isn’t allowed.

Visitor Parking Spaces- Often facilities will offer visitors specifically designated spaces near the doorway of a building. like no parking areas, a visitor parking lot are often designated by adding a metal road sign and/or surface road markings. The word “Visitor” are often applied to the asphalt using epoxy, plastic tape, thermoplastic or paint. Your paving contractor can make a recommendation for the simplest sort of application supported your particular facilities needs.

Handicapped Parking Spaces- The State of Florida features a State standard for parking spaces provided for disabled persons entitled, “Parking Spaces for Persons Who Have Disabilities”. This statue is Florida Statute 553.5041. The statute sets requirements for the amount of handicapped accessible parking spaces supported the entire parking spaces within the lot. it’s up to the property manager to suits the statute. Ask your paving contractor to make a layout for the simplest line striping design and pavement marking layout.

Other important pavement markings include directional markings, fire lanes, loading and unloading zones, stop lines – sometimes called stop bars, and in fact stall lines.

Selecting a Florida paving contractor that’s conversant in all the Florida parking codes and laws will make sure that your business meets all the local and state requirements. By having knowledgeable paving company complete your facilities parking zone signage, not only will your parking zone make an excellent first impression, it’ll even be safe for your buildings occupants and customers and suits state and native code requirements.