Prospect Mundo has already garnered great praise with his single, ‘That’s My Baby’. It was a year ago and now he is again ready to blaze the chart with his single, Lost & Found. The single is produced by Iiimpala. The single is presented with a stunning sultry acoustic guitar sample with a beat drop that created a perfect effect. The song is about a certain night at a club. The tune and the beat makes him remember a women he met once. Surely Lost & Found is the perfect hit to be as it portrays the club culture before the pandemic. For the listeners, the record would be thoroughly enjoyable. It talks of the time of dancing with music, after party till the morning.

The appeal of Lost & Found is immense as well as beautiful with certain rate of subtlety in case of the presentation. It shows the known Toronto in a whole new presentation altogether. Surely it is quite apt that the name of the number is taken from a nightclub in Toronto.

According to Prospect Mundo he wanted to create and share something that would be relatable to others. As almost a year has passed since the clubs became closed, he wanted to bring back the feeling.

About Prospect Mundo

A perfect admixture of his local as well as worldly sounds at the same time, the creations of Prospect Mundo goes around Toronto’s Underground, 90’s R&B as well as the new wave Latin flare. He made almost 500k streaming since the time of his first release. It was released in the major DSP’s. Alongside he also garnered 200k views on the YouTube.

Listen to his new release on spotify here!