Using solar energy is a preferred choice as it results in a lowered cost for utilities and other factors. There are many alternatives available to go solar that promotes environmentally-conscious decisions, which has increased profit. By choosing any of those, we can reduce the carbon footprint that can help the environment.

Synergy Wave System LLP is a Gurgaon-based company formed in 2017 and is now ruling Indian markets by serving matchless quality Solar Energy Products such as solar lights for homes and outstanding service of rooftop solar installation. We provide Solar Garden Light, outdoor lights, solar chargers, and many more, which we are distributing to various channels. We are a popular company to trust when it comes to having long-term deals. We maintain transparency in business and keep customers informed about our new products.

How Synergy Wave System LLP Works?

If you want rooftop installation, then this is how we work:

• Get a site survey
A team of trained professionals from Synergy Wave System LLP will conduct a visit to the site to look for the most suitable solar system for your location. They will review different things such as shadow analysis, structure strengthening, and physical changes if required.

• Make Layout Report
They will provide a technical feasibility report with the details on the size of the solar plant, the layout of the solar panels. They will mention all key equipment specifications and expected generation month on a monthly basis. It will also include the installation and commissioning of the plant will be provided along with the expected timelines and key deliverables.

• Installation
Based on the approved design, our team will install and commission the solar system. This will include the civil and mechanical work to fix the solar structures, mounting the solar panels, installation of inverters with other electrical equipment.

What Make Synergy Wave System LLP Different?

At Synergy Wave System LLP, our team makes sure to design the proper layout for the solar installation. They will discuss pricing, project timeline and give you an individualized proposal. They also ensure that the project gets completed within the timeline. We provide different maintenance services if you ever need help along the way.

With the rising demands, Synergy Wave System LLP is working hard and serving across the nation. We provide a wide and impressive ambit of Solar Garden Light, Solar LED Street Lights,
Solar chargers, Solar backpack, and much more. Choose us to get the best and quality-approved materials.

Our business entity has fulfilled the huge demand for green energy-based solar lights. In coming years, Solar Products are expected to witness a hike, and the reason behind this lies in an increase in environmental pollution. So, think of taking the eco-friendly step, think Synergy Wave System LLP!