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1888 Press Release – The Linchpin Bunch Inc, A Growth Company talks with Edward Sylvan, CEO of Sycamore Entertainment Group Inc., discusses why he believes black owned companies don’t take their companies public and why he is one of only a few black owned companies that is listed as a publicly traded company.

While stocks seems to be a popular conversation about accumulating wealth, it’s still very difficult to find many black own companies to invest your money. Antonio Johnson was able too discuss with Edward Sylvan why black owned companies aren’t taking their companies public even though most billionaires made their wealth through owning publicly traded companies. “Edward was very clear about being a leader in setting the tone as a black owned publicly traded company creating wealth for black owned companies.” said Antonio Johnson, President of The Linchpin Bunch Inc.

The interview in it’s entirety is available now YouTube.

Sycamore Entertainment Group SEGI is a black owned diversified entertainment company that specializes in the acquisition, marketing and worldwide distribution of quality finished feature length motion pictures and owner of streaming service SEGI TV. For more information visit