(1888 PressRelease) The Linchpin Bunch Inc, A Growth Company, talks with Steve Reinharz CEO of Robotics Assistance Devices via podcast. Reinharz discussed injustice and the importance of change needed for people of color. He also shared his thoughts on new investors and retail traders approach to the market. He discussed what doing DD really means for beginning investors.

While technology is moving fast, the question becomes will people of color be included in this future growth. Antonio Johnson was able too discuss with Steve Reinharz his personal thoughts on race, robotics and investing in otc stocks. “Steve was very transparent and wanted too discuss some the challenges people of color are currently facing.” said Antonio Johnson, President of The Linchpin Bunch Inc.

The interview in it’s entirety will be released on March 10, 2021 on YouTube.

Robotic Assistance Devices is a high tech start up that delivers robotics and artificial intelligence based solutions that empower organizations to gain new insights, solve complex security challenges, and fuel new business ideas at reduced costs. Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc., is a publicly traded company. To learn more, visit www.AITX.AI and