Piece of your Mind Book Club is now open for registration for it’s digital literary event: ‘Tis the season. ‘Tis The Season will be a two day long string of events, each dedicated to the four seasons of the year: Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring, named ‘Sweet Summer Scent’, ‘Fall for All’, ‘Warm Winter Bear’ and ‘Swing Into Spring’ respectively. Open to all the meet will be held on the online platform Zoom Meetings.
The lineup for ‘Tis the season event along with its date and time is as follow:
Sweet Summer Scent- 5th March 2021, 5pm IST
Fall for All- 5th March 2021, 6pm IST
Swing into Spring- 6th March 2021, 4pm IST
Warm Winter Bear- 6th March 2021, 5pm IST
This meet will connect people from around the globe and build a community of book enthusiasts over beautiful pieces of literature. It will provide a platform where anyone gets to meet the finest pieces of literature while reading out their personal favorite excerpts.
The registration link has been added on piece of your mind’s website and social media pages.
Further details regarding the same will be posted on the official website, https://pieceofyourmindbookclub.wordpress.com/ and social media: pages of the bookclub, all @pieceofyourmindbookclub .