A newly inaugurated president, daunting geopolitical change, and a thought-provoking novel that scrutinizes the current political landscape of the country are bound to take center stage in James Maiwurm’s new book, “Inheritance of Crises and Dysfunction.”
This thrilling novel engages a very timely topic. Maiwurm shares his perception through the eyes of his main protagonist, Staunton Pepper a.k.a. Salt Pepper. Recently retired, Pepper once worked for the US Government as well as for a Washington law firm. He had tried to settle in his family’s ancestral home in rural Virginia while dealing with the loss of his wife, and the psychological need to remain relevant. His new mundane way of life is suddenly disrupted by an offer. An old acquaintance, who is about to become the Secretary of State, talked him into accepting a temporary clandestine diplomatic role. The job will take Pepper into sensitive meetings with diplomats in the White House, London, Berlin, Prague, and the Middle East.
Pepper’s plights take us into a labyrinth of plot twists that grapples with social issues that are bound to be inherited by the new administration. Maiwurm masterfully crafted a fictional account of the country’s most daunting issues. He had successfully created a relatable novel that will not only open eyes but will educate readers about the major issues that can affect the country’s status, locally and internationally. Maiwurm also infused humor within the book that augments the entertainment value of the book. This makes it a fun read despite the plot being focused on the geopolitical status of the country.
Overall, Maiwurm’s insights into these issues will certainly educate and entertain. Don’t miss out on this masterpiece. Grab your copy now!
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Inheritance of Crises and Dysfunction
Author: James J. Maiwurm
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: February 2021
Book Genre: Politics & Social Sciences
About the Author
The author, James J. Maiwurm, is Chairman Emeritus of one of the world’s largest global law firms. He implemented an aggressive global vision for the law firm, significantly expanding its footprint in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia and building relationships with firms in Latin America. In 2012 he was named by Law 360 as one of the ten most innovative law firm managing partners.

For a time, Jim served as Chairman and CEO of Kaiser Group International, which included elements of the renowned Kaiser Engineers. He has substantial domestic and international transactional experience on behalf of clients.

In addition to his executive experience with Kaiser Group and the law firm, Jim has served on the boards of a leading community bank, an employee-owned government contractor, and a joint venture that accomplished an extremely difficult nuclear clean-up, as well as numerous non-profit organizations.

Jim grew up in small town America, earned a degree in history at the College of Wooster in Ohio, attended the University of Michigan Law School, and has resided for the past 30+ years in the Washington, DC region. In this book Jim draws on a lifetime of relevant experience. In his life he draws inspiration from a wonderful family.