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The global reach of electronic music has been expanding over the years and those who say that the genre has lost its freshness haven’t necessarily listened to Coq Freisenberger and his eclectic compositions that dictate him as an energetic performer. The California multimedia artist has hallmarked his name in the electronic genre and there is hardly any new composition that can match up to the creative level of this terrific musician. The artist’s unique version of the genre and skill to fuse exclusive sounds sets the mood with ease.

There are not a lot of artists who can sack words and still provide the banging record with the use of instruments, but this talented artist is most certain in his approach and with maximum energy has released music that makes for a superb extract from the electronic genre. Few examples of his masterful creations are WeeHoo Blues 210207 Warped’, ‘WeeHoo Blues 210207 TASCAM 0382’, ‘210221MTWTFSS Repeat, and 210215 Say No To Music’. From organic guitars to punchy electronic instrumentals and rising rhythmic sounds, the songs offer a fully immersive musical journey. With no unnecessary twists, the work is impressively accurate and entertaining. There is an impressive voicing of the artist at specific intervals that lets the dynamic stand out. The listener gets to indulge in the terrific performance which is an ethereal combination of elegance with fierce rhythmic stability that is set into place with the artist’s well-visioned artistry.

Built under the label Rebel Mothership, the songs fuse various futuristic and experimental sounds that sculpt Coq Freisenberger’s craftsmanship impressively. Hailing from the United States, the artist maintains a genuinely refreshing catalog of tracks that adopts him as a creative person of a higher level in the industry. Up the volume and drown out the worries by tuning into his worthy productions on Soundcloud, YouTube, and Spotify. Also, follow him on Facebook and Twitter for more details.

Listen to Coq Freisenberger’s ‘210221MTWTFSS Repeat’ track on Spotify:

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