With growing economy and India becoming a preferred destination for many global CPA and Accounting firms to have their US accounting operations and tax preparation processes done here. Big four and many other leading US accounting firms have already been doing this in the country since more than a decade. This has resulted in a significant rise for the talent need in the US tax and accounting profession.

Phoenix Institute aims to address this talent gap in the industry, through its comprehensive training programmes — CPA Review preparation, EA (Enrolled Agent) Exam preparation courses and an exclusive curriculum to train aspirants from basics to advanced level of US tax and accounting aspects.

Additionally, Phoenix has partnered with Surgent – a #1 rated CPA Review course which offers some unique technology and data driven features enabling students to pass the exam with comparatively reduced stress!

Phoenix is led by Mr. Vivek Shah, Co-Founder, who has been in the industry since 2002. Prior to this venture, Mr. Vivek was leading the tax and accounting team division of the Florida based CPA and Advisory firm which was ranked #1 largest independent accounting firm in the Florida state and top 50 in the US for more than 10 years consecutively.

“I am very proud to lead Phoenix. We at Phoenix are committed to offer the “job-relevant” training and courses and empower our students with the specialization in US accounting and tax, needed to succeed in the evolving global economy” Mr. Vivek said. “Our partnership with Surgent gives our students leverage to efficiently prepare and pass CPA and EA exams faster than anywhere else.”

Having seen the big four and other accounting firms successfully having their US accounting and tax function managed from India, has attracted many other firms entering and establishing their US function in India. This has resulted in a significant rise for the talent – CPA, EA, and paraprofessionals – in the US tax and accounting profession.

“We see our success remains in the success of our students and our affiliates who will be hiring our students.” added Mr. Harshil Trivedi, Lead Instructor at Phoenix Institute”And for that, we have designed the US Tax and Accounting course which is a “job-relevant” curriculum intended to complement and augment academic learning supported by valuable hands-on internships, mentorship and training program.”

About Phoenix:

Strongly rooted in Ahmedabad yet global in its orientation, Phoenix Institute offers a wide array of foreign education, professional training and certification such as U.S. CPA (Certified Public Accountant), EA (Enrolled Agent), Tax & Accounting and much more. The team Phoenix is driven through excellence and committed to helping our students achieve their full potential by providing exceptional teaching and support services.

Phoenix is aimed to provide an open access to an exceptional teaching and learning environment that inspires students to contribute to the local community and global society.