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Michelle Anene’s specialty is getting positive results in a rapid time frame. She knows what it takes to overcome challenges and build a dynasty against all odds. Michelle offers accountability-led coaching which results in client & income acceleration so you can scale your business. She has the ability to leverage her confirmed methodologies and deep expert experience to your advantage, to generate tangible value and sustainable results for your business.

Michelle’s signature talks include:

¶Start and grow your business, and get 7 figures in 12 months.
Expertly deliver business support services to ensure projects, businesses and organizations success.

¶Accelerator lunch challenge, methods to boost your business and client counts.

¶A successful Entrepreneur is the one who not only has achieved their financial goals, but has achieved life style of their choice.

¶”Who says you can’t be one of the 7,8,9 figures Entrepreneurs? If you want to, go for it!”

About Michelle

Michelle Anene is the CEO, and founder of Chelleluxe Group Ltd, the Founder of Chelleluxe Clean, Founder of Chelleluxe Estates and Founder of Chelleluxe Concierge.
She is a highly sought-after Business Support Expert who specializes in helping ambitious female entrepreneurs get clients online, while disrupting the market so they can gain visibility in their industry as an authority and rise to 7 figures in their revenue. She mentors her community of business owners, teaching them exactly how to build a profit-making business.
In 8 years, Michelle rose from being an entry level Project Management Officer to a Senior Project Manager before starting managing team members and helping the company and clients deliver successful multi million pound projects.
She has built a business support business serving hundreds of clients around the globe.
Michelle is an authentic business strategist, that will help you build a self sustaining company.
Michelle is a vibrant business strategist. She connect with organizations management and her teams to validate the existence of a meaningful, valued mission, clear vision and strategic direction.

“Michelle Anene is a true pleasure to work with, true professional approach that goes above and beyond, I highly recommend using Chelleluxe Concierge company in London**!”
Mark Grant, Managing Director, London.

“I cannot recount the number of times you have successfully found me last-minute reservations. Truly a must-have for enhancing your lifestyles experience.”
Mona Dosai, London Designer

“From organizing my day to day life and providing my busy self with clean shirts every morning and catering to my individual requirement, to organizing extravagant experiences, I don’t think I could imagine my life without Chelleluxe Clean in London.”
Gemma Parker, Managing Partner, London.
For more information on booking Michelle for planning your projects, businesses, and coaching call +447960052305 or visit online at