If you have rented out an apartment or a building, you surely have noticed the “super.” They are also referred to as Superintendents or sometimes referred to as building managers. In a nutshell, they are hired by landlords to take care of the property and some of the tenants’ immediate concerns that involve the property like taking out the trash, cleaning the hallways, maintenance and utility tasks, the works. And we couldn’t agree more that “supers” are actually superb.

In his book, “Mr. K and The Super: A Fictionalized Account of a Student-Super in New York City in the Early 1950s,” Frank Dressler shares his memories in a creative and comedic way.
The story follows a country boy and member of the U.S. Army Medical Department’s Reserves, who was forced to drop out of college in the light of the Korean War, but later went to New York because the call for his deployment to Korea never came.
The book tells us about his struggle to make ends meet while in New York, working odd jobs until he was under the employ of a Polish couple who owned a building in 6 and 8 West 90th Street. It is not only filled with life lessons, stories of friendship, and comedy. It also has a hint of romance, a slice of life, and a conspiracy to overthrow a communist government reigning in Poland.
Frank Dressler was able to offer up a part of his life on a silver platter in a very creative and fun way. He will take you on a labyrinth of emotions as he tells his tales and encounters with tenants and the landlords. Some were lovely and some were amusing.
Regardless of whether or not you have had an encounter with a super or not, this ticket into their lives is surely one worth every dime you pay. Join Frank and delve into a part of his life that will live on in his memories and this book.

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Mr. K and The Super: A Fictionalized Account of a Student-Super in New York City in the Early 1950s
Author: Frank W. Dressler
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date:  November 2020
Book Genre:  Historical Fiction, Biographical Fiction
Target Audience: Young group from 20 to 40 and older ones from 50 and above. 
About the Author
Frank W. Dressler, a retired association executive has volunteered since 1995 with two international organizations in Russia, the Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Romania and Bosnia and The Republic of Georgia, and through his church, in Zimbabwe, Nepal and the Republic of Georgia. He lives with his wife Winifred in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.