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When you think about search engine rankings, you might immediately attach it to search engine optimization — the proper use of keywords, the need to supply your site with quality content on a regular basis. However, did you know that web design also affects how your website will fare in search engines?

Here’s how:

It contributes to having a greater user experience. Web designers pay special attention to the layout of your pages. They are concerned about making it easy for your users to navigate through your site. By having a well-designed site, you can offer a convenient user experience for your website — a factor that leads to higher traffic and conversions.

It improves the speed of your page. Part of the characteristics of a good web design is quick loading speed. Designers avoid using heavy images, unnecessary plugins, and outdated scripts. They know how a page that’s slow to load can turn off users, which can lead to a high bounce rate (“bounce” bounce” refers to those instances when someone visits your website and leaves after a single session). A high bounce rate can negatively affect your search engine performance.

It encourages your visitors to stay on your site longer. When you combine fast loading speeds and easy navigation, you can expect your users to stay on your site longer. Coupled with good content, it can further encourage them to browse more of what your website offers.

It allows you to maximize the use of images. As mentioned earlier, web designers are particular about using quality yet optimally scaled images. Apart from the aesthetic value, they add to your site, you can actually use images to boost your SEO score (e.g. Adding a title and an alt text).

It enhances your users’ reading experience. In today’s highly competitive digital realm, it’s not enough to have stellarly written copies and content to attract and get your visitors hooked. It should be combined with a good design to make the reading experience more engaging. As this helps drive more traffic to your site, you will subsequently get higher search engine rankings.

It makes it easier for crawlers to index your website. A website that’s hard to index by search engine crawlers typically ends up having lower SEO performance. This is why web designers make it a point to find that delicate balance between the needs of crawlers and human users.

It can help your website become mobile-responsive. Many users nowadays browse the web on their mobile gadgets. This is why good web design practices also include making a site mobile-friendly. If yours is optimized to be responsive on mobile, you can boost your performance on search engines.

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