Hani Kabbara, a freelance online and affiliate marketeer is now offering his digital marketing expertise to individuals and small to medium-sized businesses in Canada. Hani is an expert in his field and brings to the table 15 years of experience in online marketing, assuring his clients innovative ways of generating leads and increasing online traffic monetization.

Online Marketing is what drives businesses to faster growth. There are several online tools and techniques available for businesses to increase traffic and brand visibility. But it takes special skills to utilize them to their maximum potential. Moreover, it requires online marketing expertise to curate compelling content, and create accurate strategies optimized for a specific business rather than a one size fits all method.

Hani Kabbara provides intelligent solutions for individuals who are looking for ways to earn from affiliate marketing, eCommerce websites and businesses needing much-desired online marketing advice to chalk out a sure shot road map of growth. His skillsets include a variety of digital marketing expertise ranging from developing relationships, and working with media partners to overseeing online products and campaigns, and optimize product usage to increase lead acquisitions, and optimize ROI. He is adept at SEM, and social media marketing including the know how to run paid Facebook and Google SEM campaigns. He is well known for his ability to drive affiliate marketing and consumer digital marketing initiatives.

Hani Kabbara lives in Canada and has worked in the field of online sales and marketing since 2004. He is a graduate in Commerce, Accounting and Finance from Concordia University, Montreal Canada and a Degree Name Diploma of Collegial Studies in Business and Commerce from John Abbott College. He has worked in leading companies like Bell and IBM and is now a Freelance Online Marketer passionate about finding new ways of online traffic monetization.