Gong Cha is happy to announce the fresh opening of a New Jersey Franchise with delicious bubble tea drinks. The new store is aimed at serving an excellent selection of fresh bubble tea to New Jersey communities and neighborhoods.

This new store has, for long, been anticipated in New Jersey. Gong Cha is currently dominating the United State’s bubble tea industry and it’s not surprising as their tea is known to quench the summer noon thirst.

Gong Cha’s tea is second to none when it comes to being tasty and delicious.

Tea lovers in New Jersey can hop over to Closter NJ. 245 Closter Dock Rd, Closter, NJ 07624 for their favorite drinks with popping bubbles.

The Bubble tea store in New Jersey also stocks up on other bubble tea combos such as the fresh taro series.

Customers can choose from different Taro fresh series such as the Milk Foam Fresh Taro Latte, Fresh Taro Green Tea Latte, and fresh Taro Green tea latte.

“Our financial and expertise investment in this store finally paid off. And New Jersey communities should go get served one of the best bubble tea of their lives.” Says Anchal Lamba, president Gong Cha.

Gong Cha uses some of the best materials in the design and architecture of this brand new franchises. The New Jersey store is beautifully designed and the environment is serene and equipped with modern facilities.

The store features a portable spaced joint where customers can hang around and sip their favorite tea.

The interior design is techy, with basic amenities such as charging stations where customers can charge their devices to ensure they never run out of battery.

These amenities are designed to facilitate a more comfortable experience.

Gong Cha, based in NYC now serves bubble teas to different locations in the United States. “We use high-quality ingredients and compounds in our bubble tea. Testimonials from our happy customers will surprise you. You can also enjoy your favorite Gong Cha’s bubble tea store from the comfort of your room. Just place an order online on the go!” Anchal added.

The store is uniquely built to appeal to customers’ tastes. The interior feature a special relaxation joint where customers can hang out for a quick chat, or even hold a short meeting while enjoying their favorite tea combo.

“The Little Star Jelly Series is coming in Feb. And the Chocolate Lava Series launching in February as well.

We are also planning to open a new store in Quincy, MA on 1/29. Address: 7 Beale Street, Quincy, MA. Please keep that in mind. ” in a concluding statement by the President.

About Gong Cha

Gong Cha, a household name in the bubble originated from Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

The brand name was inspired by the term, “tribute tea for the emperor”. Today, Gong Cha is one of the leading bubble tea sellers in the United States and beyond.

Their franchises spread across the world, dominating the U.S, UK, and Canada.

The brand sell freshly brewed tea that blends a variety of delicacies such as fruits, toppings, and other combos.


For more about Gong Cha bubble teas, flavors, toppings, including questions and inquiries, put a call through to or email:

Anchal Lamba

75 West 38th Street,
Greater New York City Area
New York, NY, USA