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Poets and writers around the world come together to spread love, hope and optimism

Writers from around the world, including Ruskin Bond from India and George the Poet, team up to use their positive words to help people stay connected in an effort to spread hope and positivity.Their Short Moving Stories are all available to read, download and share for free at com/phones

INDIA, 12TH FEBRUARY 2021 : Poets, author, writers and artists around the world including the Indian author, Ruskin Bond, and British spoken-word artist George the Poet – widely known for kicking off the Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with his poem – are among the six prominent authors and poets who have created these stories, as a part of this campaign to help spread love and optimism in challenging times.


Fifteen original and favourite positive stories of love, friendship, community, work, hope and family were commissioned on behalf of Nokia phones and have been created and designed to be shared with loved ones as Short Moving Stories – short, text-able messages of hope.

This collaboration comes after a year in which people worldwide have learnt to slow down and find new ways to stay in touch with their lives and loved ones by using their phones, with the artists designing messages of hope to give people a way to connect and inspire each other.


The stories are all available to read, download and share for free at and form part of an effort to spread hope and positivity.


Full link:


Stephen Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer at Nokia phones said:

We take pride in creating Nokia phones that are trusted, secure and built to last because it gives our customers peace of mind, which allows them to go off and enjoy the more positive things in life. If the last year has shown us anything it’s the importance of positivity. Following nearly a year of isolation and vulnerability one thing that stood out to us is the power of people’s collective voices to spread positivity in a time of need, which is also at the core of our business and ties back to our Finnish roots – Finland has consecutively won the title of being the happiest country in the world. So we are championing positive voices from around the world to spread uplifting messages, and help support each other as we come through the other side of global lockdowns.”


Commenting on the campaign, Mr. Ruskin Bond said:

“In a world of constant ups and downs, what helps us survive is the comfort we find in words spoken by our loved ones. These words have the power to create magic and help us through the toughest of times. I hope that my short stories help people in expressing their feelings to their loved and special ones. Share along.”


Critically acclaimed poet, podcaster and spoken word artist George the Poet said:

Sometimes a few words can make all the difference. We’ve all experienced how some days can feel flat and endless, especially as we can’t see our friends and family. Like the new Nokia 5.4, I hope that my poems help you stay connected and in touch with your loved ones, until we can all be together again.”


The Panel of Positivity includes:

    • India’s well-known author,

Ruskin Bond,

    • winner of the Padma Shri, the Padma Bhushan and the Sahitya Academy Award, who always strikes an inspiring note when writing for children Multi-award winning

George the Poet

    • , an author, rapper, spoken word performer who opened the Royal wedding with a poem about Union in 2018

James McInerney

    • (UK) whose Poetry Project first put positive messages across the London Underground network in 2018

George Kagwe

    • (Kenya) is a content creator and comedian from Nairobi

Alina Balashova

    • (Russia) – Snowboarder and outdoor enthusiast who believes in no bad days, and keeping active to stay positive

Juan Pablo Gaviria

    (Bogotá, Colombia) an author, influencer, conferencist and coach who defines himself as a Happiness Manager


The Short Moving Stories are part of a wider ongoing initiative to recognise Nokia phones   which are trusted, secure and built to last.  The idea taps into its roots as Nokia phones were developed in Finland – the happiest country in the world – in a bid to spread joy and positivity across the world.