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The process of buying or selling a home involves several parties and responsibilities to ensure it is carried out in everyone’s interest. A professional home inspector looks beyond the home features, and conducts a comprehensive home inspection to detect the hidden problems associated with a property, allowing sellers and buyers to make a lucrative and informed decision.

This is where HTX Home Inspections comes in. The founder of the company, Douglas Hayes, has prior experience working in the building materials industry and decided to translate this knowledge by joining the gap between manufacturers and construction workers to ensure a haven for families.

HTX Home Inspections offers certified home inspections in Houston, based on the standards of Practice for home inspectors established by The Texas Real Estate Commission. They conduct a thorough and comprehensive inspection before listing the house, allowing the relevant party to gain the upper hand when it comes to negotiating repairs. Moreover, they help make the process of buying and selling homes transparent and reliable.

While discussing the company’s services, a company associate stated, “The process of buying and selling homes can be a rigorous and time-consuming process with problems of asymmetry hiring. Most people look to agents to make informed decisions.

We aim to inspect issues related to the interior and exterior of the house, which we offer in a detailed report and thus make the process of buying and selling homes accountable, reliable, and transparent.”

The company offers services, such as thermal imaging allowing them to better uncover any defects in the house.

About the Company

HTX Home inspections is a Real estate home inspections company located in Houston, TX, offering certified home inspection along with commercial inspection services.

The company provides several services including thermal infrared imaging and drone roof inspections. They also provide a visual report which is easily readable and can be delivered to a mobile phone, with the opportunity to review findings.

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Phone number: (281) 816-7007