I always love the look of women’s shiny jackets. This dates back to the 1970s. The woman who once took me and my friend to school was wearing a black fluffy winter coat, and a couple of girls in my class also had that style jacket. Around 1982, a high school teacher wore a long, shiny blue down coat. Eventually such cheap moncler jackets became extinct and I forgot them.

Well, fast forward in 2007 when these jackets are back. I was searching online to find something for my girlfriend, but somehow came across the Moncler brand and loved the style, but it was awesome and very expensive. So, wanted a moncler jackets for sale uk coat, but $ 800 did not lay, almost everyone did what to do. I searched other online sources for prices and didn’t even know there was a counterfeit of this brand. The jacket called “Albertina” on ebay got a lot of looks.

I had to pay about $ 40 for shipping from Bulgaria, but thought that $ 300 for this jacket was not a bad deal. I am looking forward to seeing what my new purchase will look like to my girlfriend, this is what I received by mail.

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