A fashion show entitled “Naturally North-East: The Naga Narrative” curated by Mrs. Ritu Beri noted fashion designer and Chief designer of Tribes India and organised by TRIFED under Ministry of Tribal Affairs held at Suraj Kund Mela today. Smt. Renuka Singh Saruta, Minister of State for Tribal Affairs was the Chief Guest on the occasion.

Mrs. Ritu Beri in association with Tribes India and Suraj Kund authorities organised a first of its kind fashion show. This fashion show showcased the Naga weave with modern touch and various other products from Northeast states. The North Eastern part of India has a rich crafts tradition of its own. It is a place where the personality of every tribe lies in its design style.

The event highlighted the culture of Nagaland through fusion attire mixed with their local beaded jewellery. It showcased a variety of special designed apparels by Mrs. Ritu Beri, highlighting the tribal weaves < motives, accessories, jewellery etc. of the North Eastern States. Apart from this, Tribes India showcased a vast variety of North Eastern States textile, accessories, jewellery and Van Dhan natural products such as gooseberry candy, dried wild apple, bamboo shoot, Naga king chilli, spices, ginger powder etc. in the Suraj kund Mela.

To expand the tribal product range and designs TRIFED has collaborated with Ms. Ritu Beri, who is an iconic global fashion designer. Apart from her mastery of international haute couture, Ms. Beri has a deep connect with Indian tribal arts, crafts and culture. By partnering with TRIFED as Chief Design Consultant of Tribes India, Ms. Beri is helping in making Tribes India a household name with her demonstrated and well-established expertise in the fashion world.