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London, Aug’2019: Becoming a new mother in a busy London environment adds extra pressure. Yoga is a unique tool to keep your body and mind balanced through pregnancy and forever after. Here at Pommama, they offer it all from pregnancy yoga to any stage beyond. They are one of the best providers of private prenatal and postnatal yoga classes all over central London.

Carrying a baby in the womb is the most beautiful phase of women’s life, which demands great physical and psychological effort. A healthy mama is the one who is calm and conscious about her pregnancy & side effects of motherhood, who is aware of the changes happening in her body and mind. Health and wellness professionals believe that yoga is a great tool to support healthy pregnancy, prompt postnatal recovery and healthy parenthood.

Pommama thinks about mums all the way from conception into the motherhood. Though initially being a pregnancy yoga service, they don’t want to leave their mums at birth, and now offer postnatal programs for mums to regain strength, flexibility and mental clarity. They believe that yoga is essential for postnatal recovery as well as a great support to cope with motherhood.

The team of Pommama teachers cares about every phase of motherhood. Each woman experiences different emotional transitions, feelings of anxiety, apprehension, body shape concerns to name but a few. Pommama yoga sessions give you the ability to address your individual issues helping you to thrive through the motherhood.

Pommama teachers come to your doorstep at your convenience to accommodate your new routine. Pommama as a team has evolved into Wholemama yoga for London mums from pregnancy deep into the motherhood.

Pommama is also launching into kids yoga to give your little ones a bunch of positive skills. Yoga is an incredible practice for children at any age as it develops their level of confidence, enhances concentration, improves their imagination, self-expression, and creativity.

Pommama classes are available on a daily basis at a time convenient to you. For more details, visit their official website or email to