StoreHippo®, the leading SaaS-based enterprise ecommerce platform, has launched an extensive set of features to enable personalization for B2B ecommerce brands. The latest additions are aimed at making it easier for enterprise businesses to come up with a personalized strategy for higher conversions. Using the new features B2B businesses can implement multi-level personalization to make their customers’ journey seamless and conversion oriented.

StoreHippo’s advanced personalization features aim to make the enterprise ecommerce platform a truly advanced solution for the diverse marketing needs of B2B businesses. Powered by a variety of customer data and reports, enterprise businesses can create a multi-pronged, conversion-oriented marketing strategy.

StoreHippo’s B2B clientele can use its new personalization features and tailor a unique experience for their end users. The gamut of tools are designed to increase efficiencies, make customer targetting easier and conversions faster. By delivering targeted content and promotions B2B companies can make tactical strategies for marketing that are not only cost-effective but also bring higher ROI.

StoreHippo’s enhanced enterprise ecommerce solutions offer the following ;

● Device specific themes to offer seamless buying experience across devices
● Android and iOS apps for the main store or substores
● Optimized product search and navigation for smooth customer experience
● Custom catalogues for unique requirements of the B2B buyers
● Pricing overrides to offer volume or contract-based pricing to different customers
● Unique and personalized landing pages for different B2B customer segments (based on geography, language, business volume etc.)
● Personalized deals and discounts based on their previous purchase history, order volume etc.
● Unified notifications (emails, SMS, push) to send out personalized deals in real-time
● Create special marketing landing pages to promote your limited period offers and deals
● Customized checkout flow based on the user’s device or IP address
● Personalized multi-currency payment options based on user-location
● Wishlist and enquiry forms to collect customer-specific requirements
● Powerful blog engine to publish personalized content for each buyer personality
● Pre-integrated domestic and international payment gateways to offer multiple choices to the buyers
● Personalized shipping with ShipKaro, the shipping aggregator platform from StoreHippo

CEO and Founder of StoreHippo, Rajiv Kumar says, “B2B ecommerce is growing at a rapid pace and to make your mark in the industry you need to do things differently. B2B businesses that implement personalization outsell their rivals by 30%. StoreHippo wants to facilitate its enterprise businesses to gain an edge by implementing customization and personalization on their enterprise ecommerce websites. Our powerful yet easy to implement features have helped our B2B clients create boost their conversions and maximise their ROI with smart and personalized strategies for their end users.”

StoreHippo, a flagship product of Hippo Innovations Pvt. Ltd., is Headquartered in Gurgaon (Delhi/NCR). StoreHippo offers a technologically advanced e-commerce solution for B2B and B2C businesses across diverse industry vertical.
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