The Orlando-based commercial landscaping franchise helps commercial spaces achieve a well-maintained lawn that appeals to tenants and customers.

[ORLANDO, 2019] – U.S. Lawns offers professional lawn care services that keep the lawns of commercial properties healthy. It uses the latest tools and techniques to deliver top-notch commercial landscaping services in Orlando.

Keeping Lawns Healthy All Year Round

U.S. Lawns has the expertise in maintaining the health of grass, especially in commercial spaces. When the grass stays healthy and green, commercial landscapes remain attractive to tenants and customers.

The team of lawn care professionals understands the unique needs of each variety of grass, especially soil nutrients and hydration. Most lawns also require consistent mowing to maintain the correct height. In some cases, however, certain factors that affect the healthy growth of turf cannot be seen. That is why help from professionals is necessary.

Moreover, U.S. Lawns can determine the right fertilization and irrigation program, according to the type of grass. The team can attend to any growth stage, from seeding to nourishing an established lawn.

A Landscape Depends on Healthy Dirt

Lawn care professionals from U.S. Lawns explains that healthy dirt helps a landscape grow and thrive properly. It says that a landscape needs to receive sufficient food and hydration. Otherwise, the grass and plant roots will grow weaker.

Proper aeration of turf helps to achieve stronger growth. This is a process of creating small holes in the soil throughout the entire lawn. It makes it easier for the water, air, and nutrients to penetrate plant roots.

Additionally, U.S. Lawns can prevent lawns from developing a heavy thatch. Thatch is composed of organic matter that builds up between the green growth and the soil. It can suffocate plants and attract unwanted pests.

The franchise says, “U.S. Lawns’ commercial lawn care in Dr. Phillips and Lake Buena Vista gives clients a lawn that attracts customers and maintains the vibrant ambiance of the area.”

About U.S. Lawns

As the fastest-growing commercial landscape maintenance franchisor in America, U.S. Lawns now has over 250 locations in almost all 50 states. It continues to grow to serve more commercial properties across the country. The team of commercial landscape professionals aims to help companies have a safe, well-maintained landscape that contributes to business growth.

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