For Immediate Release – Orion Tactical Gear, a company based in the United States, has recently made a full-fletched effort to begin offering its customer the latest in tactical news and product reviews. The company’s founders have a strong tactical background, being comprised of ex-soldiers and survival experts. After their experiences in survival situations, the company’s founders know that the proper training and gear can go a long way to keeping people safe.
Because of that, Orion Tactical Gear has begun keeping its readers up to date about the latest news and products in the industry. The company’s goal is to provide information to a variety of readers who could find themselves in a survival situation. Not only does this include military members and first responders, but it also consists of those who enjoy their time:
• Camping
• Fishing
• Participating in other outdoor activities
Product Reviews
Perhaps the most significant change the company can be seen in its efforts to begin testing products. The company will routinely scour the internet for the latest tactical gear. They will then buy the product or have the manufacturer ship it to them so that they can test the equipment. Then, Orion Tactical Gear will provide extensive product reviews.
These product reviews are not sponsored or affiliated with the manufacturer in any way. Orion Tactical Gear’s sole purpose in conducting these product reviews is to provide their readers with honest opinions. The company knows that when it comes to survival situations, their readers can’t afford to have inferior products. They must have the best gear at their disposal if they wish to remain safe. At Orion Tactical, saving lives is far more critical than making money.
Not only does the company test individual products, but they also provide extensive reviews of knives, backpacks, and flashlights. In the coming months, Orion Tactical Gear is prepared to begin testing many other survival products. The company encourages its readers to stay-tuned, as they are prepared to begin expanding their website dramatically.
Latest News
One of the other areas where Orion Tactical Gear wishes to focus more of its time is in keeping its readers updated on the latest industry news. The company ultimately hopes to become the one-stop-shop for all things tactical gear.
Orion Tactical Gear’s founders understand that the tactical and survival community is very close-knit. It’s one of the things that the company’s founders miss most about their tactical experiences. They seek to create a similar brotherhood with their website. The hope that their readers routinely visit the site to receive the latest news.
Not only can this help keep readers safe, but it can also keep them quite informed as well. No matter if it’s news about new gear being used by the United States military or articles about terrorist attacks in Europe, the company hopes to create an environment that keeps those in the tactical industry well up-to-date.
Orion Tactical Gear also encourages its users to comment frequently on news and product articles. Again, the company hopes to emulate the “brotherhood” with which so many tactical members are familiar. The company says that if someone has a question about a product or has used the product in the past and would like to provide feedback, they are more than encouraged to do so.
Contact Orion Tactical Today
Orion Tactical Gear says that if you’re interested in learning more, you should contact them today. The company is excited about the new things they are offering and hope their readers are as well.