Jumbo Putter Grips and Winn Putter Grips

Monark Golf avails a variety of Golf Grips at discounted prices. Our store will enable you to come up with a preferential list of the best-golfing components depending on whether you are an amateur or professional player. The confusion is catered for since we bring to you all the information you need to make an informed purchase. Monark Golf stocks the best Putter grips and at affordable prices.

Here you will find a putter grip style that you love.

Winn brings to you modified style, soft edges and performance proven jumbo putter grips. The grips are availed with a mix of colours including red, white or blue. Additionally, the putter grips from Winn are designed to minimize wrist movement. In fact, the Winn Jumbo Putter grip is 50% lighter than customary Jumbo Putter Grips. Medium textured surface and a pistol profile make sure strokes delivered are championship strokes.

The putter grips are made from Excel Polymer material, with a core size of up to 60 rounds, the diameter is either medium-sized or oversize and weighs up to 60 grams.

The instructions are quite practical and easy. A player is only warned that focusing on the hands to remain steady might sometimes be difficult. However, the situation is solved by soft and tacky Winn Jumbo lighter putter grips. In fact, the hands will feel a more natural textured grip that is connected to the club. Hence, allowing for a more straight directed shot.

The ergonomic pistol profile enables the player to experience a light-tension free grip and ensures appropriate finger placement.

Monark Golf stocks a variety of colours including; Black, white, grey, red, white and grey. As well, the grips feature a radial line pattern. The red/blue/white style comes with densely packed triple line texture pattern.

Winn is a premium manufacturer of polymer golf grips and has been on the frontline to pioneer technologically advanced golf components. Today, choose to revolutionize your sporting activity with Winn Jumbo Putter Grips and you will experience a seamless feel all the way around.