Costa Rica Toursis the perfect destination for nature and big fish lovers. Off the Pacific coast, lies the legendary Treasure Island

Cocos Island.

Among other things, the island is famous for the film Jurassic Park, as some scenes were filmed there. Cocos Island is now

considered one of the most spectacular large fish diving areas in the world, which also benefits the many Hammerhead schools.

If you are on the Trips to Costa Rica and looking for the best Tamarindo diving, Tamadive offers the best diving in Costa Rica on the

Pacific side of the country.

One of the best diving spots:

At the Catalina Islands the average air temperatures is are around 28 ° C. There are only 2 kind of seasons, dry season and rain

season. Diving playa flamingo close to the Catalina islands is a starting point. The best time to dive in the Catalina Islands are June to

August. The best chance for bull shark encounters (bat island) is from May to September / October. The water temperatures are

between 25 ° C and 28 ° C.

Padi diving course:

With us, diving in Costa Rica is possible all year round.

We also offer one of the best PADI Diving Course services in Costa Rica. We have professional PADI dive instructors

so they can easily teach you diving.

PADI (PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION OF DIVING INSTRUCTORS) is the most recognized and accepted North American certifier. PADI

certifies more than 1,000,000 divers per year worldwide, more than any other certifier.

The main objective of the PADI educational system is that you learn SAFE, FUN and EFFECTIVE DIVING. Its educational system is the

most modern and widespread that exists, it is designed to be available to all.

Encounter with large and beautiful fishes:

Cocos Island offers besides Galapagos and Malpelo the most famous and spectacular dive sites in the world with a big fish


Large shoals of fish, mostly spiny mackerels, barracudas and large fish such as silk sharks, Galapagos sharks, silvertip sharks, mantas,

whale sharks, sailfish, dolphins, and whales can be spotted on almost all tours. Turtles, many moray eels and lobsters are always

present. The rocks are little overgrown, corals and sponges are almost nonexistent.

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There are many reasons why many experienced travelers consider Costa Rica one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

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