(April 27, 2019) – Priscilla The Outlaw, an Indie Artist, has recently shared details about her on going debut album project and her upcoming single. The natural musician is all set to come up with her debut album and she is putting optimum endeavours to make it reach a huge audience base. The Nashville
based musician attended some press meets regarding her debut album and new single and dishes details about the same. Talking about her on going debut album project, she says that the album is quite soulful with an excellent use of instruments and fresh tunes. The artist is nowadays busy in raising money for her debut album. The charming and exceptionally talented natural musician and songwriter, Priscilla The Outlaw never fails to spellbind her audience with her soulful country music. Her love for Country Music has given birth to oodles of recording and many of them have been hugely appreciated and celebrated by Country Music lovers worldwide. She says that her debut album will reflect her passion for Country music as well as the gifted creative art she possesses. In line with her statements shared during a recent press meet, her new single is a blend of beautiful music generated through multiple instruments. She is willing to make this a big hit and leaving no stone unturned to accomplish the project.

Priscilla The Outlawis an immensely talented singer, musician and songwriter who has experimented for years in the field of Country Music and developed several tunes and lots of fabulous pieces of music. Sharing more details about her debut album, the musician says that the tunes will directly communicate with the souls of Country Music lovers. Her melodious and powerful voice in a combination with breath-taking use of instruments will make her album addictive. Outlaw has managed to deliver poised performances so far and her debut album is another feather in her cap. The gifted musician says that with enough support, her dream of releasing her debut music album, which is nothing but pure music that connects souls will come true and the Country Music enthusiast will get a fresh musical treat that will be difficult to omit from their mind. Her vocals are definitely something to fall for and that creates a penchant for Country Music.

About Priscilla The Outlaw:
Priscilla The Outlaw is a gifted musician, singer and song writer. The Country indie artist is a raw personality and completely passionate about music. She has chosen music as her full time career embracing all the challenges in personal and professional life. She is putting all the possible efforts for the funding of her debut album and new single. She is currently based in Nashville and completely indulged in music. She loves performing and touching the souls of music lovers. She wants to make her debut album a hit and widely celebrated.

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