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My Pregnancy Planner

I am entering my 12th week of the 40-week-pregnancy cycle and so far, so good! I look very pregnant already and I can feel the daily peaks of the pregnancy, too. I am looking forward to leaving the morning sickness blues already, but then, the heartburn is still lingering. There are little back pains to endure, but it’s okay. I don’t want to feel pain-free and very normal while pregnant as those blues are what makes the entire time worth treasuring, right?

On my 7th week, I went to my very first Prenatal checkup. The Nurse Practitioner at my OB-GYN’s clinic handed me my Pregnancy Planner after the over an hour of examination and this folder contains all the important details that I should be grasping all throughout this expectant stage.

My Great Expectations Folder which is my Pregnancy Planner