TAMPA, Fla. (April 26, 2019) —April 26, Tampa artist Shut up, Bat will release a new single. The song, titled “AUTUMN” will be available across most popular streaming platforms and digital stores.

This track, the lead single of a project that remains under wraps, focuses on the unforgiving progression of time, in the context of a man who is trying to create something great before the proverbial “winter” arrives.

With a lurching trap beat, vocals that drift toward the punk tradition, and continual references to the floating melodies of Gustav Mahler’s neo-romantic symphonic works, Shut up, Bat hopes to create a space for himself in the music industry. He wants to engineer a dark, conscious sound, but one that feels familiar enough to approach. In his own words, “‘AUTUMN’ is the beginning of a new stylistic era for me. I’m starting to approach sound differently. If it’s good, it can be simple, and still speak to people.”

“AUTUMN” will be Shut up, Bat’s third release with G1 Muzic, an independent record label and distributor that operates primarily in the southeastern United States.

G1 Muzic Down South is a worldwide promoter of artists in all genres that develops talent and helps them grow as a business.

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