The following press release is written to provide information about the Porta Pull company. They offer the cable tugging devices, which you may buy easily for pulling the wires and cables at your site.

Innovations have simplified the lives of humans to a big extent. Right from the introduction of the wheel in around 3500 B.C., we have so far gifted with lots of purposeful products, which would have reduced the effort and time that we used to spend earlier in accomplishing some task. One true example of innovation includes the devices offered by us at the Porta Pull company. We have introduced advanced devices for reducing the efforts and optimizing the operation time of the electricians. Such devices are used for pulling cables and wires. Our manufacturing facility is based in Florida, where we produce the best in class, and high-quality wire pulling machines along with other related inventory using the advanced technology.

We have years of experience in bringing up the new varieties of cable tugger systems. Our best-selling products include Apprentice 3K, TUGG’A Bout 3.5K, 4000 FXP, Master 10K, and Duo-Pro 6K. The founder of our organization Mr. Greg Tompkins, himself was a licensed electrical contractor. He did a thorough analysis of pulling wires manually and came up with inventing this new design of cable pulling machine. This machine has proven to be a cost-effective methodology that has turned as a bonus device for the electrical contractors. We offer various types of wire pulling equipment, from which you may select one per your requirement of work. All our customers so far have overwhelmed with the use of our offered wire pulling products.

Several government agencies are also the clients of our organization. Some of them include AOC – White House & Capital, Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Transportation, Office of Naval Intelligence, US Customs & Border Patrol, and US Corp of Engineers. We follow the testing of our manufactured cable tuggers and other products to assure the desired quality and satisfaction of our clients. You can approach us for discussing your requirements, and we would suggest you the best wire pulling product. Our products reduce your dependency on power drills, adapters, and other hardware from your project. If you would not like our product within some days of use, we would accept its return with returning your money back, without asking any question.


Porta~Pull GC Electric, LLC
ADDRESS:15981 40th Street Live Oak, Florida 32060