Thoughtful Pauses claims special interests stand in the way of a democratic government.

MIAMI – Former CIA operative Michael G. Merhige was once a Washington insider. But now the Beltway is a target in his new political philosophy, Thoughtful Pauses. “Lobbyists and organized election money contributors stand in the way of a democratic government,” claims Merhige. “To allow for their participation is to make a mockery of the political selection process and right to vote.”

When Americans elect politicians, they also elect their advisors and financial investors, Merhige cautions. While many politicians are sincerely dedicated to public service, those who sell their souls for money and power will inevitably sell their country in the process. And it’s the fallout from those acts that should strike a chord with any patriotic American: war.

War, Merhige states, is the sad truthful consequence that is borne out of the hypocrisy of politicians. When a country’s government chooses to send its sons and daughters to die for unjust and unnecessary wars, then people must question where the real enemy resides.

“War is the ultimate insult imposed upon those who have to fight it by those who don’t,” says Merhige. “I hope my honest reflections inspire readers to speak boldly, take a stand for what they believe in, and demand change. Only by questioning our politics and policies can we begin to change our corrupt system.”

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About the Author
Michael G. Merhige played semi-pro high school baseball in the Ban Johnson League for two summers in Kansas. He received a scholarship to the University of Alabama as a baseball letterman. He served in the US Army as an officer attached to the Navy and Marine Corps during the Cuban Missile Crisis in the Caribbean. He was also a CIA officer in the Far East (official cover) and in South America (non-official cover). He retired as a Corporate Development Executive in private industry. He now resides in Miami, Florida.