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They have a collection of beautiful shapes and colours of vases which will look great in any décor theme. The collections include both transparent glass vases as well as translucent vases made of other materials as well. Their vases can be used for the traditional purpose of holding flowers, and also for other purposes like holding candles, for instance. There are many decorative pots in the collection as well. There are more than 80 awesome creations you can choose from.

This is just one aspect of the offerings at Gajah Home. You can look at their categories for both indoor décor as well as outdoor patio furniture. Their collection of bed and bath linens contains very attractive bed sheets Barbados as well as delightful towels and bathroom rugs. The furniture collection has traditional dining tables and chairs as well as contemporary pieces which would add that touch of modernity.

Gajah Home’s website has a Source and Design Centre which offers complimentary design consultation to help you decide on the best combination for your home. This also includes delivery services to your home once you have decided on what you want. You could choose from the designs already displayed, or you could, for example, take their help to design your own custom made mattress topper Barbados. Even if you are not looking to buy anything new, the Source & Design Centre can help you transform your house using what you already have.

The great thing about Gajah Home is that they would not impose their own designers or designs on your plans. Even if you have your own interior designer, they would be happy to have their team collaborate with your designer to give you the best results for your home.

The collection at Gajah Home encompasses the dining room as well as bedroom furniture for your house, as also outdoor and decorative furniture. They have an awesome collection of other products for every part of your house as well, from table linens Barbados to lighting fixtures as well.
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