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Dr. Kuldeep Verma

Stop getting multiple babies of same gender. You can conceive a boy or girl with confidence.
Are you a couple about to get married or newlyweds planning to start a family or just trying to conceive a boy or girl? Most likely you want a small family consisting of equal number of boys and girls. However, if everything is left to chance, you may end up getting multiple babies of the same gender. Soon, you start looking for options to balance your family. In this search, you can fall prey to any internet scam (gender kits, gender diets and especially Dr. Shettles’ ideas) which only add to gender disappointment because there’s no basis to them.

Urobiologics is now the only truly working gender selection site for couples, helping them balance their families, thereby unfolding a lifetime of happiness. Based on their success, they just got Business Excellence Award 2019.

Here’s the proper way to avoid getting many babies of same gender. Since 1982, Urobiologics has been diligently working on a notion that just like there are two kinds of sperms “determining” the gender of the baby, there must be two kinds of something in women as well. In 2006, they discovered a new phenomenon that women have alternating boy-girl specific menstrual cycles due to release of alternating hormonal (T/E) ratios by ovaries. If cycle-1 is for conceiving a boy, the immediate next one is for conceiving a girl. Amazingly all women alternate. Therefore, to get a boy, one has to conceive in a boy cycle and to get a girl, they must conceive in a girl cycle. Some couples get easily conceived in one type of cycle only thereby getting multiple babies of same gender. Fortunately, this can be controlled. PreGender Precon test is the only one system to guide them to conceive in desired cycle only in order to get the desired baby with 94% success. So the process of gender selection is genetically controlled. This Gender Specific Natural Conception is a new, powerful, patented scientific concept invented by an award-winning and highly-accomplished biochemist.

Here’s the mantra to lifelong happiness =>> Most newlywed couples conceive within about first month of marriage. If a bride-to-be gets a PreGender Preconception test done 2-3 month before the wedding date, she would know in advance in which cycle she would conceive a boy and in which a girl. This way she would be in full control of designing a small balanced family for lifelong enjoyment and happiness. Starting a family would be a fun.

Example to show how to conceive a boy using PreGender test:
1st PreGender mid-cycle urine sample dated 9/1/14 showed a girl phase
2nd PreGender mid-cycle urine sample dated 10/3/14 showed a boy phase
Period start date 10/16/14, assumed that girl phase started. No test was done.
Period start date 11/12/14, assumed that boy phase started. No test was done.
Full conception plan was emailed. CONCEIVED IN THIS CYCLE
FirstGender post-conception urine sample dated 12/16/14 detected a boy. WELCOME ALTON!

To get PreGender Precon test done, women collect urine samples at home as shown at website and ship to Urobiologics from any country. It’s legal to send urine samples. No one has to travel and everything is kept confidential via emails. For more info visit To see successful cases, click “Live Charts”.