With stunning ranges of abayas among their collections, SHUKR Islamic Clothing aims to show Muslim women that they do not have to substitute their modesty for style.

SHUKR, an Islamic clothing company established to provide Muslims with modest yet stylish wardrobe solutions, is proud to be able to provide inspirational feature outfits and style advice to women wishing to combine Western influences in their modest clothing.

The SHUKR abaya is different from any other abayas on the market because of its exceptionally high quality, beautiful neutral colors, natural fabrics, and incorporation of functional extras. “The practicalities of a Muslim woman’s life have been considered as well. For example, although the sleeves are slim, hidden zippers have been placed at the bottom of the sleeves so that they can be unzipped and rolled up when a woman needs to make wudu for prayer,” says Anas Sillwood, Managing Partner.

Across most Islamic clothing companies, abayas seem to be the most popular garment among customers. SHUKR abayas, in particular, stand out because they are simple, functional, modest and fit in well with regular western wear. What Muslim women seem to love most about the SHUKR abaya is that they are all designed with practical means in mind.

SHUKR hopes to promote Islamic clothing through its fashion features, showing its customers that they do not have to substitute their modesty for their sense of style. “SHUKR is inspired by the beauty of Islamic modesty, and we take pride in sharing that inspiration with the Muslim community around the world,” continues Sillwood.

SHUKR is the leading Islamic clothing company dedicated to putting faith into fashion. Launched in 2001, SHUKR Islamic Clothing was the first company to provide contemporary, modest clothing that meets the needs of Muslims and non-Muslims living in the West. SHUKR is proud to be able to serve people of all religions who find that their faith encourages them to dress modestly, without having to sacrifice style and beauty.

SHUKR Islamic Clothing’s collections can be viewed online at www.shukr.co.uk

Anas Sillwood, Managing Partner
SHUKR Islamic Clothing
Web: www.Shukr.co.uk
Email: press@ShukrClothing.com