How to make a photo-sharing app like Instagram

The development of a photo sharing app like Instagram is all about picture processing, transferring, and storing. Pay attention to the fact that setting standards for the images that users want to upload is a must to ensure good looks in the profile gallery and feed. Instagram solved this issue by squaring. You can come up with any other idea for aligning and optimizing the images in your app.

If you deliver the highest quality product to people and do your best to enable them to fulfill their needs in an easy and convenient way, success will find you.

If you want to succeed in creating an app similar to Instagram, consider the following things:

– Create a new and unique photo-editing tool inside the app. Develop new filters, objects, textures, effects, and editing possibilities.
– Build the photo-sharing for a specific user group or themed app (e.g. designers, food or animal lovers, event-app etc).
– Make it possible to create themed photo albums and set the photo or post privacy to send invitations only to selected users.
– Add functionality to share photos between phones and other devices easily without signing up.
– Help your users with some photo-editing lessons, or provide them with tips to create top-notch user profiles.

Here you will learn more about what it takes to create an app like Instagram.