Ankit Singh Rajpoot Launches his Debut Novel ‘Hopes and Mistakes’


(April 2019) – A new talent in the world of modern novels has emerged and with the launch of his debut novel, Hopes and Mistakes, Ankit Singh Rajpoot is already creating buzz across the nation. The book targets a wide spectrum of readers that mostly include teenagers and people who still recall their first love from their salad days. The book has been written in Hindi and it offers a fresh treat of writing that is a blend of nostalgia and romance. The book has been published under White Falcon Publishing and available for sale on various e-commerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart and White Falcon’s online store. The writer recently attended many press meets and promotional events and talked openly about his book and how it connects with his own life. Talking about the book, Rajpoot says that the book mainly focuses of love and friendship. How difficult it becomes to concentrate on academics and other important areas when a person is in love and he or she can’t take that special person off their mind for a moment. The story is about a teenage boy named Avinash who finds it hard to focus on studies as beautiful memories of the past keep him stick to the photographs and take him to the flashback. He wants to get out of that zone but destiny plans something else for both of them – a reunion. The author says that a number of people reached out to him and shared their feedbacks that were mostly positive. Many readers have found the book quite gripping and the twists and turns nicely created.

The book has received multiple star reviews and lots of readers have found the story intriguing and the characters quite justified for the plot. Rajpoot says that the book might be his first ever creativity that came publicly but he has spent many nights to give a shape to his story and get inspirations from various sources. From the beginning to the end, there is an amazing storytelling and detailing of the story and characters. The book is available on the stores at Rs. 175 at present and many copies of the same has already been purchased. The book has 134 pages and the author has tried to do justice with his first story on each page which is in fact a great job. After gathering the confidence and oodles of his personal experiences and memories, the author finally managed to release his first book and the level of storytelling it shows, it’s worth to spend month waiting for his next release.

About Ankit Singh Rajpoot
Ankit Singh Rajpoot is a rising author who has recently released his debut book called “Hopes and Mistakes”. The author has penned the book in Hindi which shows his love and inclination for the language. The book is available on Amazon, Flipkrat and White Falcon. He has written the book from heart and expecting it to reach the hearts as well.

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