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(April 18, 2019) – Precision Beauty Studio is a salon that specifically deals with eyebrows and has an extremely esteemed clientele. With services like microblading eyebrows, luxx ombreeyebrows etc. being offered by some of the best professionals trained by the industry-leading professional academies based in London, Serbia and New York, Precision Beauty Studio is leading in the department. The services are performed with utmost precision while taking care of the comfort and meeting the specific requirements of the clients. Precision Beauty Studio is offering services in order to enhance the confidence of their clients and help them achieve their dream eyebrows. The idea is to let them have fuller and more defined brows.

Precision Beauty Studio is performing even a combo of microblading and ombre eyebrows. As opposed to the traditional eyebrow tattoo, microblading is a procedure that focuses on lush, beautiful and natural-looking eyebrows. The main aim is to create an illusion of fuller eyebrows using hair-like strokes into the brow line. Microblading is a great transformation for thin, or barely there eyebrows. In contrast to microblading, ombre eyebrows, also known as powder, mist, microshading, ombré shading, or stardust brows,is an Asian technique that works on the epidermis layer of the skin. The technique produces a beautiful powdery look with a faded front and a crisp tail giving the illusion of makeup. The fact that it is less invasive, less painful, has higher longevity, suits all skin types and takes much less time has further increased its popularity.

Precision Beauty Studio is run by professionals who have attained specialized training from institutes of New York, London and Serbia. The services being offered include microblading eyebrows, luxx ombreeyebrows etc. with utmost precision.

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