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ICE factor is one of the leading experiential marketing agencies. Each of their ‘experiential marketing’ campaigns is designed for offering a rewarding experience to the consumers.

When asked how the company emerged as a market leader, the spokesperson explained, “Whether it is for experiential tours or multi-city campaigns we have the required resources, proficient brand ambassadors, adept ‘in-house’ team and cutting-edge equipment to help our clients achieve 100% success in their marketing campaigns”.

“Our in-house team has the proficiency to customize a client’s ‘experiential marketing’ campaign by analyzing their goals, comprehending the communication strategy of the brand and creating a tailor-made concept”.
“Over the years we have helped small-sized businesses to reach a wide target market. Our proficiency lies in helping start-ups to reach a large audience without breaking their bank. We have made this possible through Guerrilla marketing. We offer out-of-the-box and budget-friendly marketing campaigns to help small businesses make a profound impression on the minds of the consumers in a cost-effective way”.

“We believe in unconventional and aggressive marketing to create effective brand recognition. Ambush marketing is not only for the start-ups but even the big companies can benefit from it. Our success can be attributed to the dedication of our marketing team. Our team works tirelessly in various stages of the marketing campaigns to reach out to the target market”, concludes the spokesperson.

About the Company

ICE Factor is a well-known ‘Experiential Marketing’ Agency that helps in developing effective marketing campaigns, guerrilla programs and organizing trade shows. The company offers exclusive ‘experiential marketing’ services to create brand awareness. Their marketing services include city activations, consumer and data collection, turnkey solutions and fast turnaround experiences.

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Carpentersville, IL 60110
Phone : +1 (847) 844-0814, +1 (630) 206-0136