Mundane boring everyday-fights, quarreling over petty things in a relationship and just a marriage getting overbearing. We have witnessed it enough but what if, a normal car fight takes a U-turn and changes your life!

In the upcoming episode, ‘Not Vanilla’ on VOOT original series,‘Fuh se Fantasy’ portrays exactly how mood swings, a bad fight and some delicious ice cream can make way for a new love interest in your plain-Jane vanilla life and spice it up!

Featuring popular TV faces like Gaurav Pandey and the gorgeous Anupriya Goenka in lead roles, ‘Not Vanilla’ will leave you dead in the face of reality and how love takes you on a roller-coaster of emotions. Very disturbed and absolutely no excitement in their respective lives, the two indulges in some very steamy and irresistible ice-cream.

Well, to know what happens next, all we’ll say is we’ll see you by that ice-cream parlour!

Tune-in to the latest episode, ‘Not Vanilla’ this Friday, 19th April on VOOT’s Fuh se Fantasy