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Out of the many industrial establishments that are based near Kraaifontein Industria in Cape Town, Spicoly Plastics CC is best known for manufacturing and supplying high-quality plastic products. The company is an expert in the popular method of injection moulding. The company and its expert staff strive to offer a wide variety of high-quality products at affordable prices.

Spicoly Plastics CC has over 70 expert professionals, engaged in manufacturing custom-made plastic products for their clients in the Cape Town region. The company has accumulated considerable experience in injection moulding and blow moulding methods for manufacturing their products.

Highlighting Features of Products:

  • Custom-Made: Spicoly Plastics CC is recognised for their custom-made plastic products which they carefully engineer according to their client’s requirements.
  • Unparallel Quality: When it comes to quality, Spicoly Plastics CC guarantees the customers high-quality professionally manufactured plastic products. The company is also certified by ISO and UAF (United Accreditation Forum) to manufacture and distribute plastic injection and blow moulding products.

Spicoly Plastics CC has clients across various industries which make use of their high-quality plastic products such as the following listed below:

1. Buckets & Containers: Sturdy and colourful plastic buckets & containers are some of the signature products offered by Spicoly Plastics CC. The company manufactures containers of varying capacities for safe handling and storage.

2. Gear Roller & End Cap: Gear rollers and end caps are a necessity in the agricultural industry and Spicoly Plastics manufactures different sizes of gear rollers such as 32mm and 60mm gear roller end caps. For hatchery usage, the company also manufactures egg trays and small/medium trolley wheels.

3. Spray Pumps & Bottles: Considering the significance of plastic bottles and spray pumps, with the use of advanced techniques such as injection and blow moulding you can make high-quality plastic spray pumps and bottle. The company offers a wide-range of bottles such as sports bottles and juice bottles as well as clear spray pumps.

4. Peg Packs & Boxes: The company also excels in producing and distributing household products like peg packs, boxes of variable sizes and colours, picnic plates, spice shakers, spoons, forks and other such highly advantageous products made from plastic.

The company not only provides professional high-quality products but also convenient delivery options. Clients located throughout the Cape Town can take advantage of delivery options at a competitive price. For locations which are out of the Cape Town region, the company provides transportation at a negotiable cost.

Spicoly Plastics CC provides a plethora of unique products, most of which are listed here:

About the Company:
Based in Kraaifontein Industria, Cape Town, Spicoly Plastics CC is largely known as a reliable enterprise which provides, manufactures and distributes high-performance plastic products by utilising injection moulding methods.

8 Assegaai Road, Kraaifontein Industria
Cape Town, 7570, South Africa
Tel: 021 987 7201