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Vital information, data about your business plans, procedure and meeting details can be disclosed or slipped in rival’s hand which will cause severe negative impact on your future business endeavor. Aider being equipped with state-of-the art of debugging devices can prevent leakage of information to business rivals. In order to have an edge over the rivals, use of such devices, will bring to you the vital information about their plans and meeting.

Protection of business or personal intelligence is essential not only for maintaining privacy but also to have strategic advantage over competitors. Following are the symptoms of you being bugged:

Any electronic (fancy items) devices (e.g., pen stand, wall clock, Television, Computer speakers, Cell phone, stabilizer, adopter etc) gifted or available in office or at residence.

Unauthorized personnel in possession of your personal secret data/ information.
Trade secrets leaked or made public.
Details about Minutes of meetings as well as tender information to Competitors.
whenever risk anticipated and in doubt.


A highly sophisticated and very expensive debugging device being used by discerning clients who requires absolute sensitization of premises. A total secrecy of information, conversation, meetings and movements.This equipment shall identify exact nature of transmissions, through an electronic device which can be remotely controlled. The device can be made active or inactive by the user. The radio transmitters, video equipment or any other equipment placed/ hidden anywhere (even under floor or in walls), in your room, office, conference hall, house or hotel.