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Medellín, in Colombia, has been named the world’s most innovative city in a competition organized by the non-profit Urban, along with the Marketing Services Department of WSJ.

In the past few years, Medellín has completely transcended its reputation and has undergone a veritable renaissance, making it be the FIRST choice for many travelers to be on their travel bucket list.

Today Medellín has become a center of attraction not just for the hipsters, but also for the people who are looking for a Holistic Travel experience.
Medellín Brings You Bliss Of Healing

Medellín, being the city of eternal spring, has a lot more to offer, then the usual traveling destinations. Here you get the best out of all holistic practice, like Yoga, Spa, Meditation and everything else that can leave you rejuvenated.

You can hike the Parque Arvi through the back door
Go for the Real City walking tour
Visiting pueblos like Venecia, Jardin, and Jerico
Opt for the paragliding
Make a connection with your soul, mind, and body with healing techniques that are designed to shape your identity and help you live a stress-free life.
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