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Many aren’t goin to wow classic gold like not havin Heirlooms into lvl quickly and they’ll realize they can’t only solo virtually everything, particularly in the lower lvl Instances. A lot of men and women are pullin more DPS in lvl 30 at Heirlooms, than people were pre-BC at Tier 3 equipment, together w/havin much more Health.

It’ll be a rude awakenin realizin they’re not where near as good as they thought they had been and it was just xpac material nerfs, along w/Character fans that are why they are in a position to do what they could. They’ll actually have to coordinate and pick certain classes for each run to help then, while also usin Crowd Control consistently and effectively on each pull and run they go on.

People nowadays likely won’t have the patience for it, since they’re so used to pullin everythin and havin their own self-Healin and large Tank DPS bridge the gap because of lack of skill/cooperation/coordination.

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