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Henry Ford once said, “You can’t learn in school what the world is going to do next year.” He was right. His statement might apply to most of the schools in the world. But, those schools which have a belief in future and prepares its students for the same, go a long way.

Importance of Schooling:
In the digital world, even though social media sites and video sharing platforms like YouTube, Facebook Watch are allowing to share information from across the globe, the school s where we create our base ad condition our way of thinking. Hence, whenever it comes to introducing something new to the world and take people a step ahead, the process must start with schools. And why not? This is the place where boys and girls get to learn skills and gather the required knowledge for their future.

Adding blockchain education:
At present, most of the school institutions in the world are teaching all the traditional subjects along with maths and science. However, new inventions in the computing sectors are taught very less. And somehow, most of these innovations like Artificial intelligence, and Virtual Reality are had to be taught in details, in schools.

However, one next-gen technology got introduced a few years ago, and it is easy to use and understand by high school students too. This technology is the blockchain technology. The blockchain technology is easier for students to understand, and its importance in the future world is unmeasurable.

Interesting facts:
The scope of the use of this technology in future increases considering a few real-life examples. An invention like the Internet got spread like wildfire when people realized about its simplicity, ease in use, and the possible integration with the everything around us (internet of Things).

There was a time when people did not want to use ride-hailing apps like Uber. They found no need for anything which could help to find a ride. However, the right promotion and facilities provided by Uber attracted more people and created the demand for this app oo. Now, hardly anybody lives without such apps.

Some more facts:
The global blockchain industry is anticipated to become $3 trillion big by 2024.

As on 26 November 2016, the number of Blockchain Wallets Users were ten million, they almost doubled, reaching 19 million by November 2017 and in 2018 November it has cross 30 million.
(Credit: SteemIt, Blockchain site).

Career opportunities:
If just facts are not enough to emphasize the importance of learning the blockchain technology, its career-oriented vitality would.
Big IT companies like IBM and Accenture, Oracle are working on developing a blockchain system.

The LinkedIn posting for Blockchain related jobs has tripled in just one year.

Microsoft has already joined the Chamber of Digital Commerce in the year 2016 to market distributed ledger technology.

Around 90% of Major European and North American banks are making efforts to incorporate this technology.

Universities offering blockchain:
There are a few schools and universities which have understood the direction in which human mind is going and has smartly involved blockchain education to their curriculum.

New York University
Stanford University
IT University of Copenhagen
University of Cumbria

Concluding all the facts and reality, it is not wrong to say that blockchain technology would be paying an important role in the future.

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