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Romax, a privately owned marketing services company based in central London, provides data-driven marketing and communication services, from data sourcing and design to print and delivery.

[LONDON, 16/04/2019] A trusted supplier to blue chip organisations, Romax offers a comprehensive portfolio of data driven and sector-specific marketing services. Romax is passionate about providing the best client service, taking time to understand their client’s business needs and ensuring that they deliver winning results in every project. The company’s marketing services include, but are not limited to, data management, design and print, direct mail, direct marketing and distribution and delivery.

B2B Data Management

In this digital age, data coming from marketing campaigns and initiatives such as direct marketing and direct mail provide valuable insights that can drive marketing decisions. Romax offers B2B data management services to help businesses build a sound knowledge of their customers and competitors based on marketing data, allowing businesses to create on-going and up-to-date communication that people respond to.

Data Profiling

Data profiling is an essential marketing tool that helps ensure the accuracy and quality of marketing data. Romax delivers data profiling services, to help businesses understand customers and find the right to audience for each marketing campaign, hence improving return.

Bespoke Data Services

Romax provides bespoke data services to suit their client’s unique requirements, be it data sourcing, capture, management or coding requirements. Data services at Romax are certified under ISO 27001: 2005 Information Security Management System and adhere to the Data Protection Act to ensure data security and integrity.

About Romax
Romax is one of the country’s leading and most innovative marketing services providers. As a trusted supplier of direct marketing and data driven communication services, the company maintains an open, honest and proactive approach throughout its activities and workforce to deliver timely and accurate marketing campaigns. Romax UK offers services in London, providing tailored and cost-effective marketing and communication services to help businesses achieve success in each stage of their projects.

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