Employees, who are constantly travelling due to office work, need to stay connected always with the organization quarters. No wonder smartphones and tablets are helping to bridge this gap, but wearable technology will further widen the perspective of work-related travel. This technology is useful for all who require access to instant data when they travel.

Types of Wearable Technologies

Wearable technology can outperform many tasks currently with the aid of smartphones. The best example in this case is Apple watch and Google Glass. They are more efficient in comparison to their hand-held kin. These devices offer scanning and sensory features, which are still not the attributes to the new-gen mobile phone. Let us explore the domain of wearable technologies.

Implantable: These are the devices implanted under the skin through a surgery in the form of tattoos or pacemakers. Presently, corporate travel management companies are planning to incorporate the device in their future ventures.

Smartwatches: These devices are quite common and are connected to the user’s mobile phones and sends notification for messages, emails and calls as well.

Smart Clothing: These are specially curated garments made of silver-coated fibers. It can stream information with sensory features and offers real-time data delivery to your smartphone.

Head mounted display: Such kind of devices send information directly to your eyes and belong to two categories. For example, Oculus Rift gives you the seamless experience of the virtual world. On the other hand, Google glass offers the option to share pictures, record videos, and search for the much-needed information when you are traveling for work purpose.

Benefits of Wearable Technology

It is true that the utilization of technological tools helps in day-to-day activities to a great extent. Be it health, communication or recreation, the advantages can be felt everywhere. Traveling for business purpose should be backed by such a technology, which can work simultaneously as a wearable technology. The aforesaid devices will help people to stay updated in terms of work while they travel for corporate purpose. Few of the benefits are as follows:

Business travelers seek for 24*7 connectivity so that they can take instant action on the move. Smart watches are a helpful device to get a constant update.

Devices like health trackers and translation earpieces also transform the way people travel for work.

High officials who ease their job through corporate travel deals also manage their itineraries and many such activities by using wearable technology.

Although there are different opinions regarding the practical use of wearable technology, it is believed that this technology fits well to anyone’s business tour schedule.


The use of wearable technology during a business tour is a welcome option for all b2b travel companies in India, and they bring a new dimension to the consumer experience. This technology is in high priority right now as the features they carry, are convenient and makes your job far easier.

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