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(APRIL 15, 2019) – Eurotech Safety is helping reducing risk for engineers and contractors while working on maintenance, repair and building work through the access of the roof. By providing and installing safety for everything height related Eurotech Safety is ensuring that the danger is minimized for the personnel. Moreover, the system provided by Eurotech Safety meets the highest standards of safety. The roof safety systems are fully tested. In addition to this, the UK based company Eurotech Safety is dedicated to provide ideal solutions for roof safety, re-testing the safety equipment and installation of edge protection for high-risk areas. The company offers a wide range of roof safety products that are particularly tailored to meet the specifics of the construction industry, property owners and facilities management.

“Eurotech Safety Systems Ltd can also provide skylight protection whether domed or flat, to prevent any accidents or the danger of falling through the skylight or roof light.” Moroever, Eurotech Safety also offers roof access hatches and ladders for a comprehensive safety solution and ease of access to the roofs. In addition to providing and installing safety for everything height related, Eurotech Safety also carries out regular roof and gutter maintenance which includes cleaning, repairing and even replacing as per the need. Eurotech Safety provides 8mm grade 316 stainless steel wire system with electro-polished brackets and detachable travellers in order to provide flexible and consistent protection when working at an elevation. The system is perfect for use by teams that carry out roof top maintenance tasks or industrial applications.
About Eurotech Safety:
Eurotech Safety is providing and installing safety for everything height related for contractors as well as engineers. This is done to facilitate the use of roof for the repair, construction and building work.  

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