The report provides a clear image of this Personal Care Ingredients Market scenario and so the expected method forward for the trade. The report focuses on the premise of market drivers, restraints, growth, trends, and forecast for the period of 2018-2025. In addition, the report collectively maps the market performance by value chain analysis which may facilitate in higher product differentiation besides the analysis of each innovate terms of size, share, market attractiveness index and rate of growth.

Personal care ingredients are the components formulated and used in cosmetics and personal care products. Increasing demand for cosmetics and personal care enhancement products has boosted the growth of this market. E-commerce has availed these products to every corner of the world. Hence, there is dynamic rise is demand especially from emerging economies. Hectic lifestyles and physical manifestation both professional and casual are tending customers to opt for personal care products. In addition, ecological conditions and rising pollution are matter of concern for customers. Products such as anti-ageing, sunscreens and biobased products are accelerating the market growth for personal care ingredients.

The major market drivers are growth in consumption of personal care products, switch from commodities to specialties and shift to healthy & hygienic lifestyle and consumer awareness. The market growth might be restricted due to price sensitivity decelerates the adoption of specialty ingredients, stringent regulations obstructs entry and usage of new ingredients and impact of toxicity and unstable properties of these ingredients under the study period.

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This report examines the global personal care ingredients market and provides information regarding the revenue (USD Million) and volume (Kilo Tons) for the period 2018 to 2025. It further elaborates the market drivers which contribute to the growth. It then describes the restraints that are faced by the market. The market is classified into various segments with deep analysis of each segment for the study period. Report includes a detailed analysis on value chain in order to provide a holistic view of the personal care ingredients market. Value chain analysis comprises detailed evaluation of the roles of various players involved in the personal care ingredients industry, from raw material suppliers to end-users.

Personal care ingredients market attractiveness analysis has been included in order to analyze the application segments that are estimated to be lucrative during the forecast period on the basis of their market size and growth rate. Attractiveness of the market has been derived from market size, profit margin, growth rate, availability of raw materials, competition, and other factors such as social and legal constraints.The personal care ingredients market has further been segmented based on products such as antimicrobials, conditioning polymers, emollients, hair fixative/styling polymers, rheology control agents, skin lightening/whitening actives, surfactants and UV absorbers. The study provides forecast and estimates market for each product in terms of revenue and volume during the forecast period from 2018 to 2025. Each product has been further analyzed based on regional and country levels from 2017 to 2024 in terms of volume and revenue.

Segmentations In Report:

A. By Products:
– Antimicrobials
– Conditioning Polymers
– Emollients
– Hair Fixative/Styling Polymers
– Rheology Control Agents
– Skin Lightening/Whitening Actives
– Surfactants
– UV Absorbers

B. By Applications:
– Skin care
– Oral care
– Hair care

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