Competitive pricing is at the core of sales and marketing strategies of top ecommerce stores. Omnifever sets a new standard for their competitors with strategic pricing.

USA, 13th April

Omnifever, a top fashion store online which has launched a rich variety of fashionable apparels in the past, has emerged as one of the biggest bargain bins in the e-retail space. The reputable e-store recently rolled out their latest collection of cheap clothes for women which are specifically designed for fashionable women who are on a budget. The owners said that the cheap clothes for women available through their online store are made of quality fabric.

Speaking at a recent press conference, one of the co-owners of Omnifever said that they have adopted a few strategies to keep the manufacturing costs low. They have their manufactory in Asia instead of in Europe and due to their strategic location within a large industrial estate, they can get the raw materials at low cost.

In addition to that, the human capital cost is also considerably low in Asia, where the company is based out of. The co-owner also said that their proximity to the South China Sea and their strategic partnership with top distributors, dealers and retailers around the world help them in selling trendy women’s clothing and fashionable accessories at attractive prices.
Omnifever now sells maxi and mini dresses, women’s blouse, hoodies, coats, jackets, sweatshirts and a wide variety of products designed for the fashionable women. Keeping in mind the upcoming warmer months and the growing demand for fashionable swimsuits, the company has launched a number of hot swimwear products which are now available at marked down prices. The co-owner maintained that they will soon add more products in women’s accessories segment. He also said that seasonal discounts and special offers are now available on each and every product.

“As a leading e-retailer, we always try to make shopping as much pleasurable as we can for our buyers. For the returning buyers, there are special discounts and special offers on women dresses online. The motto is to increase overall sales volume and to keep the per-product-profit low”, said the co-owner and CEO of the company during a press conference held here in the USA.

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Omnifever is a top retail store selling fashionable apparels and accessories.
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